A CALL TO MEN Moves Forward in Solidarity

Oct 16, 2018

Thanks to all our friends and supporters who came out to celebrate an incredible night of solidarity! Together, we are moving forward to create a world where all men and boys are loving and respectful and all women and girls are valued and safe!

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Moving Forward in Solidarity - DVAM 2018

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In honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month 2018, A CALL TO MEN is offering practical ways that men can act in solidarity with women.  Join us each week in October for Moving Forward in Solidarity, a campaign where you can take actionable steps to raise awareness of how men can prevent all forms of violence and discrimination against all women and girls.

Week One - Solidarity in Community

1.       Listen to women and validate their experiences

2.       Challenge the harmful messages you have received about gender  

3.       Do not use language that denigrates women and girls

4.       Be clear on why you care about these issues and what you want to do about them

5.       Identify the areas of your life where you can influence men, boys and culture

Week Two - Solidarity at Work

1.       Call out sexist language, jokes and insults

2.       Be intentional about who is in the room and whose voices are heard

3.       Advocate for equal pay in your industry

4.       Promote talented female and gender non-conforming leaders

5.       Educate yourself about sexual harassment and effective prevention methods

Week Three - Solidarity at Home

1.       Talk about healthy, respectful manhood

2.       Don’t conform to the pressure to always be in control

3.       Never use power, control or violence

4.       Don’t let gender dictate how you contribute to your household

5.       Acknowledge the contributions of women in your family and ask their opinions

 Week Four - Solidarity in Campus Life

1.       Create a culture where everyone controls their own drinks

2.       Develop an interest in women outside of sexual conquest

3.       Demonstrate consent in all you do – including any touching and dancing

4.       Intervene in safe ways – ask if she’s okay or if she needs anything

5.       Promote healthy, respectful manhood on campus

 Week Five - Solidarity in Parenting

1.       Never use gender-based insults to discipline

2.       Don’t perpetuate sexist stereotypes

3.       Encourage your children to express their emotions

4.       Support your children’s expressions of gender

5.       Model healthy, respectful manhood

Celebrate the Good Fellas In Your Life

A CALL TO MEN is proud to partner with J Crew to launch their “Good Fella” tee for Father's Day.  J.Crew is donating 10% of the purchase price of these tees to A CALL TO MEN. 

“The Good Fella t-shirt celebrates fathers, brothers, uncles, friends and mentors - all the men who invest in the lives of boys to create the next generation of manhood.” - Tony Porter, co-founder and CEO of A CALL TO MEN

J Crew created this limited-edition tee with prinkshop, an activist-minded brand with a “wear what you care about” point of view. 

“We are proud and honored to recognize the work of A CALL TO MEN with our Good Fella graphic campaign in collaboration with J Crew.  Our design was created to celebrate the men and boys who honor the safety and equality of women."  - Pamela Bell, founder of prinkshop

The campaign features A CALL TO MEN Co-Founders Tony Porter and Ted Bunch.  The boys and young men are the children of the A CALL TO MEN family, representing the Next Generation of Manhood.  

Promote healthy manhood this Father's Day by supporting A CALL TO MEN.  Your purchase ensures J.Crew donates 10% of the purchase price of each t-shirt sold to A CALL TO MEN.  


Innerchild Galleries Hosts Art Show Benefiting A CALL TO MEN

Innerchild Galleries presents: "Vividly Connected," a meticulously chosen range of inspirational collections that will elevate any space you envision.   Innerchild Galleries is vividly connected with each of our artists, supporting their vision and understanding their journey. Our diverse inventory of imagery will resonate and infuse a powerful combination of beauty and energy into any environment. By working closely with each artist, we find the perfect pieces for the right buyers.  We invite you to enjoy our boutique gallery of established artists as well as rising stars to connect with the picturesque stories and emotion portrayed in each piece.

Please join A CALL TO MEN at this special gallery debut, where 10% of the proceeds will be donated to the organization.   

Friday, June 29, 2018 from 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM EDT
The Mezzanine, 55 Broadway, New York, NY 10006