Jewels of Wisdom from 20 Years of Healthy Manhood

2022 marked A Call to Men’s 20th Anniversary as an organization. Throughout the year, our team intentionally made time to reflect on the past two decades, imagine a brighter future, and put plans into practice for the next twenty years. We are pleased to share a compilation of reflections and wisdom from our staff – Jewels of Wisdom from 20 Years of Healthy Manhood.

Some Reflections from the A Call to Men Community:

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Our gratitude goes out to those who have been generous enough to share their experiences and to our entire community for continuing to show up in support and solidarity.

As we honor our many accomplishments and learnings as a community, we are also dreaming big for the year ahead. From translating our Live Respect curriculum to reach even more young men and boys with the principles of healthy manhood to expanding our film projects to support and uplift those at the margins of the margins to offering even more trainings, affinity groups, and resources – we’re starting our third decade with ambitious plans, and we need your support. Will you help us imagine the future of #HealthyManhood by making a tax-deductible contribution today?

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