Our Leadership

Ted Bunch - Educator, Activist and Lecturer

Ted is the co-founder and co-director of A CALL TO MEN. He is recognized both nationally and internationally for his expertise in organizing and educating men in the effort to create a healthier and more respectful manhood. He is dedicated to strengthening community accountability to end all forms of violence and discrimination against women and girls.

Ted is formerly the Director and co-creator of the largest program for domestic violence offenders in America. He has worked with Police and Fire Departments, Emergency Medical Technicians, Paramedics and other first responders to domestic violence. He is a recognized trainer, lecturer and consultant on male accountability. A committed ally for more than a 15 years, Ted has gained leadership status in the domestic violence, rape and sexual assault prevention communities across the country.

Ted brings a great enthusiasm and a wealth of knowledge to his work. He has trained at many colleges and universities throughout the United States as well as the National Football League. In addition, he has had guest appearances on national television and radio programs and has been a script consultant for Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. He has traveled abroad speaking in places like Israel, Suriname, South Africa, Ghana, Brazil and Puerto Rico as well as being an invited guest presenter for the United Nations' Commission on the Status of Women and the UN Alliance of Civilizations. Ted is an international lecturer for the U.S. State Department, and was appointed by UN Secretary General Ban Ki- moon as a Committee Member to UNiTE, an international network of male leaders working to end violence against women.

Tony Porter - Educator, Activist and Lecturer

Tony is an educator, activist and lecturer who has been working in the social justice arena for over twenty years. He is both nationally and internationally recognized for his effort to end men's violence against women and promote healthy and respectful manhood. Tony is the co-founder and co-director of A CALL TO MEN: The Next Generation of Manhood. He is the author of "Well Meaning Men... Breaking Out of the Man Box - Ending Violence Against women" and visionary for the book, "NFL Dads: dedicated to Daughters".

Tony's message is welcome and supported by many grassroots and established organizations. He’s currently working with numerous domestic and sexual violence programs, the National Football League, colleges and universities around the country. He has worked with the United States Military Academy at West Point and the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis and the National basketball Association.

Tony is an international lecturer for the U.S. State Department having worked in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. He is working extensively with the United Kingdom providing training and leadership to A CALL TO MEN - UK. In addition, he has been a guest presenter to the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women and a script consultant for "Law & Order: Special victims unit".