Youth Development

Students participate in LIVE RESPECT  Curriculum training

Students participate in LIVERESPECT Curriculum training

A CALL TO MEN provides education and training for young men from middle school through college.  

A CALL TO MEN's LIVERESPECT™ Healthy, Respectful Manhood Curriculum helps prevent bullying and dating violence in school and sports.  The easy-to-integrate curriculum offers coaches, educators, mentors and youth advocates the tools to build young men of character.  The curriculum is free and available for download.  

Our LIVERESPECT™ Curriculum is ideal for middle and high school age boys.  The curriculum promotes healthy, respectful manhood; decreases language and actions that degrade women, girls and other marginalized groups; challenges harmful cultural and social norms; and decreases instances of bullying, homophobia and dating violence.  

A CALL TO MEN on Campus is the organization’s outreach to colleges and universities.  A CALL TO MEN on Campus works with administrators, student leaders, the student body and the community at large to facilitate conversations and provide education on methods and strategies to prevent sexual assault, violence and discrimination on college campuses.  It is ideal for Greek and fraternal organizations, student athletes, coaching staff, incoming freshman, non-traditional students, international students, women’s centers and faculty.  

A CALL TO MEN can customize programming to most effectively reach young men depending on age, program type, experience and resources.  To bring A CALL TO MEN to your campus, contact Danielle Erwin at