A Call to Men Offers New Workshops for High School and Colleges

A Call to Men has launched a series of workshops developed by young leaders for high school and colleges. They are 60-minute, interactive presentations led by or in partnership with Youth ACT!, a group of young leaders “Actively Committed To” promoting healthy masculinity and healthy relationships, preventing gender-based violence, and creating a better world for ALL women, girls, men, boys, Trans, LGBQ, and nonbinary people. Youth ACT! is mentored by the Youth Empowerment and Support (YES) Squada group of A Call to Men trainers who inform and provide guidance to our Youth ACT! cohort members and A Call to Men’s national youth work. The new gender and racial equity workshops include:

Breaking Out of the Man Box

Breaking Out of the Man Box radically challenges the collective male socialization by examining the social norms, culture, and traditional images of manhood that have created an environment that supports, tolerates, and often encourages men’s violence against women. It articulates how the Man Box perpetrates sexism and inequality, and how embracing and promoting a healthy, respectful manhood will prevent dating violence and sexual assault and promote a culture of respect on campus.

Upstanders Against Anti-Blackness

Upstanders Against Anti-Blackness empowers students to safely act to intervene and support those experiencing racial discrimination. It educates on the difference between racism and anti-Blackness and gives students proactive ways to create an anti-racist culture on campus. 

Selfies: Looking In at Your Mental Health

Selfies: Looking In at Your Mental Health will help young people understand the connection between cultural norms and mental health outcomes. It will empower students to promote wellness and communal care as they seek to cope with -isms and societal pressure. 

Masculinity & The Binary: Becoming Influencers for Social Change

Masculinity & The Binary: Becoming Influencers for Social Change helps students understand binary culture, the benefits of authenticity, and how to use their privilege and influence to create a community of belonging. It centers marginalized voices and seeks to eliminate gender-based discrimination and bullying. 

To bring one of these workshops to your school or youth group, email Josué Argüelles, A Call to Men’s director of youth initiatives, at josue@acalltomen.org.