Take our Course on Sexual Harassment Awareness & Prevention

38 percent of American women report experiencing sexual harassment in the workplace

A CALL TO MEN’s Sexual Harassment Awareness & Prevention course increases awareness of sexual harassment, provides clear definitions on state and federal laws regarding sexual harassment in the workplace, and empowers all staff to help create and maintain a safe working environment. While we embrace policy and procedure, A CALL TO MEN goes deeper to address the root of the problem: that the underlying causes of harassment and discrimination against women are rooted in the ways women and girls have been traditionally viewed and treated in our society. Our training is transformational and can spur meaningful culture change.

This course is appropriate for large to small organizations, is 100% online and on-demand across devices, and covers general Sexual Harassment requirements with compliance versions specific to NYC/NY and CA (pending). Sign up for a free demo of the course.

The Sexual Harassment Awareness & Prevention course is the first offering from A CALL TO MEN’s Institute of Higher Learning, an online training platform provides organizations and individuals effective and engaging training and analytics that drive healthy, inclusive, and respectful business cultures, and provide professional development and continuing education. Additional courses will be released in fall 2019.