Training Institutes for Gender & Racial Justice

Our signature two-day workshop is a transformative, hands-on experience — unearthing the deep historical roots of male domination, white supremacy, and the intersections of oppression that contribute to gender-based violence and discrimination, and offering a comprehensive community organizing approach to holistic social change. Our Training Institutes for Racial and Gender Justice are generously supported by the National Basketball Association.

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“A CALL TO MEN dropped a gem on the world with this training. It’s transformational. I feel lucky to have shared this meaningful space.”

David Ogunrinde

The Training Institute will cover the following areas via lecture, storytelling, and large and small group discussion. 

1. Agreements and Guiding Principles of A Call to Men

2. The Man Box: Collective Socialization of Manhood

3. Understanding the Experiences of Marginalized Communities

4. Power Analysis of the United States

5. Exploring the Institutional Human Service Arrangement

6. Race and Sex Construct

7. Politics of Accountability

8. White Supremacy Culture

9. Moving Beyond the Binary

10. Impact of Trauma

11. Future Action and Commitments

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