Four Ways Men Can Be Aspiring Allies During Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Male FeministDomestic Violence Awareness Month is an important time for me and for all of us at A Call To Men. We founded this organization nearly 20 years ago — birthed out of the domestic violence movement — and nurtured by some pretty amazing women leaders who had a vision for allyship before it was a buzzword. We built A Call To Men with a steadfast commitment to remain accountable to those leaders and many like them, and to those who reside at the margins of the margins.

We’ve carried that commitment with us as the organization has grown and evolved to educate men all over the world on healthy, respectful manhood and how we can prevent all forms of violence and discrimination against all women and girls. Every October, we pause to reflect. I come to Domestic Violence Awareness Month with a mix of reverence for victims and survivors, celebration of the progress we have made, and resolve for the work that remains ahead.

This year — like all the years before — I want to be intentional about how we demonstrate our allyship. I am asking you to support survivors. Believe them, validate them, and love them. I am asking you to support grassroots organizations that serve women who reside at the margins of the margins. They need your help now, more than ever. This month and every month.

Here are some specific ways you can help:

1. Donate to organizations that support survivors — especially those that serve women and girls at the margins of the margins. Allow your funds to be unrestricted so that organizations can meet the most urgent needs they are facing.

2. Offer in-kind services — everything from tech support to legal aid to accounting services — even printing, shipping, and office supplies are needed and greatly appreciated.

3. Use your influence and platform to further the mission of an organization working to end gender-based violence. You can make strategic introductions or elevate their work in your community or workplace.

4. Volunteer at an organization making a difference in your community — or consider joining a board of directors or another committee. Commit to improve the sustainability of these groups by helping them raise money and build a strong and healthy board.

If you do just one of these things we will be closer to creating a world where all men and boys are loving and respectful and all women and girls are valued and safe. I’m so grateful for our community and all the ways we are working in solidarity.

I hope you will share how you are honoring Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Tag us if you share on social channels or DM us on Twitter, or email us an update at