Virtual Training Institute for White Aspiring Allies in Leadership Positions — November 8 – 9, 2023

A Call to Men

This training experience is for white aspiring allies in positions of leadership—including managers, directors, c-suite executives, supervisors, founders, and community leaders.

Our Virtual Training Institute for White Aspiring Allies is not a standard webinar—it is an engaging and transformational experience specific to white folx who want to go beyond white feminism, and who want to expand their anti-racism work into learning about anti-Blackness and assertive action. We’ll be taking a collective deep dive on the below topics:

1. Agreements and Guiding Principles of A Call to Men
2. The Man Box: Collective Socialization of Manhood
3. Understanding the Experiences of Marginalized Communities
4. Power Analysis of the United States
5. Exploring the Institutional Human Service Arrangement
6. Race and Sex Construct
7. Politics of Accountability
8. Moving Beyond the Binary
9. Dismantling Anti-Blackness
10. White Supremacy Culture
11. Indigenous Peoples’ Affirmation
12. Trauma and Male Socialization
13. Using your Influence and Commitment for Action

Cost: $500 (a portion of the training fee supports the expansion of our offerings in BIPOC communities)

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