Mariam Gerges

Mariam Gerges is a Licensed Clinical Social worker with over 15 years of experience. Currently, Mariam works at Bergen Family Center as the Director of the Clinical Services Department. Supports include ensuring equitable access to quality mental health services to uninsured, underinsured, and undocumented families as well as survivors of crime and violence, including domestic and sexual violence. She currently sits on the Equity and Trauma Task Forces at her agency informing on policy and agency wide changes that address Equity, Justice and Trauma Informed Care to staff and the community. Mariam also provides individual and couples counseling to private clients.

Prior to her current position, she served as the Director of Adolescent Services, providing an array of support and mental health services to adolescents and their families. Mariam has trained hundreds of athletes on sexual violence prevention and bystander intervention strategies. Many of these athletes have taken these strategies on to college and national platforms, including the NFL. Mariam also advised on school district policies that focus on supporting survivors of sexual assault and abuse. During this time, she also informed and presented on district wide trainings to teachers, faculty, families, and students. Mariam also coordinated and co-facilitated groups for those who identify as males, addressing topics such as healthy relationships, pornography, and toxic masculinity. Mariam continues to facilitate groups and workshops on trauma informed care, sexual violence, and human trafficking.

Mariam also ran healingSPACE, the sexual violence resource center of Northern New Jersey, overseeing all sexual violence prevention, intervention, advocacy, educational, and mental health support throughout the county. During her time there she spearheaded the development and launching of New Jersey’s first and one of the nation’s first mobile apps that served survivors of sexual violence.

Being fluent in Arabic, Mariam often serves her community back in Egypt as well as the Egyptian community in the states through trainings, workshops, and supports on issues including sexual violence, mental health, trauma, and women empowerment. Mariam has provided frontline trauma support to ISIS terrorist-stricken areas as well as village prevention education on FGM and intimate partner violence. During COVID, she was able to coordinate and cofacilitate virtual workshops and supports to survivors of sexual violence in the Egyptian community.