Tia Stemn

Program Manager (Development)

Tia is an alumna of the University of Massachusetts-Boston, holding degrees in Criminal Justice and Africana Studies. Her passion and dedication to social justice are evident in her extensive background working with incarcerated and behaviorally challenged youth and adults in Boston, Massachusetts. Tia has also served as a Program Director at both a mental health institution and a homeless shelter, showcasing her commitment to improving lives through direct service and leadership.

Deeply influenced by personal experiences and witnessing the impact of systemic issues on friends and family, Tia is driven to work from a social justice and anti-oppressive perspective. She focuses on centering the needs and voices of marginalized communities, believing strongly in the transformative power of community to alter the course of personal and structural violence.

Currently, Tia is pursuing a master’s degree in Public Safety Leadership Administration at the University of Maryland-College Park. She is also a co-founder of the Senwah Foundation Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to rebuilding schools, creating reading rooms, and providing school supplies in her home country, Liberia. In her personal life, Tia is a proud fur mom to Lennox and enjoys traveling and cooking.