Lina Juarbe Botella

Lina Juarbe Botella (she/her/ella)

VP of Community Engagement

Lina Juarbe Botella is a community organizer with more than 30 years experience working to end violence against all women and girls and those who reside on the margins of the margins. Lina currently serves as Vice President of Community Engagement for A Call to Men. She is responsible for community partnerships and outreach, and works closely with communities all over the world to build towards collective liberation by building alongside organizations and individuals.  She is the co-author of A Call to Men’s Live Respect Coaching Healthy, Respectful Manhood curriculum and has partnered with many schools to implement it. Juarbe Botella has a diverse and rich background, and describes herself as a community organizer and builder. In 2023, she received the Allyship in Action Award from Freedom Inc. for standing in solidarity with the Black and Southeast Asian communities by showing unwavering commitment to justice and equity.  In addition, she received the Living Legend Award for community organizing and her work against racism. She also received the Voices of Courage Award for her advocacy and leadership working alongside clergy sexual assault survivors. She received the Unsung Heroes award for her commitment, service, and leadership in the Latino community. She is the proud mother of eight beautiful children. Juarbe Botella was born and raised in Puerto Rico, and is located in the Midwest.