Syndric Steptoe

Syndric Steptoe is the associate director of C.A.T.S. (Commitment to an Athlete's Total Success) Life Skills Program, the University of Arizona's award-winning comprehensive support services program designed to assist student athletes based on individual needs, and to assist in developing the life skills needed over time to lead a healthy, positive and productive life following graduation.  Syndric played collegiately for the University of Arizona Football team from 2003-2006. He was a standout wide receiver and return man. He was selected as an all-conference player three out of his four years, and was selected to the all-conference 1st team during his senior year. He was drafted in the 7th round of the 2007 NFL Draft by the Cleveland Browns and played four seasons. Currently he serves as an adjunct professor for the Sociology and Eller Management College, as well as being the director of career and professional development for the University of Arizona Alumni Association.