Alexis Flanagan

Alexis Flanagan is a cultural worker, writer, painter, healer, community organizer, and non-profit leader working at the intersection of art and activism in the DC Metropolitan Area.  Her career is centered in social change focused on ending multiple forms of oppression, including racism, poverty, and gender-based violence through cultural art, advocacy, community outreach and organizing.  As a non-profit leader, Alexis is committed to connecting the tangible work of supporting survivors to the broader work of movement building for social change.  She is committed to fostering work environments within social justice organizations where all employees share the experience of being valued for their unique skills, culture, and interests and where organizations do not duplicate in their work the dysfunctional patterns they work to eliminate in our society.

Alexis is currently the assistant director of HopeWorks of Howard County, a dual sexual assault and domestic violence center in Columbia, Maryland where she leads general operations management, program evaluation, and the development of cultural proficiency and professional development standards for the organization.  Alexis is also the co-director of Ocean Ana Rising, Inc., a New York and DC-based cultural arts organization committed to the holistic healing of girls and women of color through innovative truth-telling methods, including live theatrical performance, film & digital media projects, and community arts workshops where she facilitate, as a teaching artist, the Safe Spaces Arts Workshop Residency with partner organizations in the DC Metropolitan area serving women and girls of color who are trauma survivors.  Alexis boldly identifies as a Queer Black Feminist DC Girl.