The Many Faces of Manhood - A CALL TO MEN's 2017 National Conference

A CALL TO MEN’s 2017 National Conference will explore the Many Faces of
Manhood. Through engaging keynotes, roundtable discussions and interactive
breakout sessions, attendees will learn how the collective socialization of men creates a
fertile ground for violence and discrimination against women and girls. Those same
notions of sexism and inequality hold men hostage to the rigid norms of manhood.

A CALL TO MEN will convene influential and passionate voices to examine healthy,
respectful manhood in athletics, education, incarceration, fatherhood, faith
communities and around issues of gender. As men are empowered to be their authentic
selves, we will collectively create a world where all men and boys are loving and
respectful and all women and girls are valued and safe.

Areas of focus include: 

·      A CALL TO COACHES – Engaging Youth and Young Men Through Sports

·      Athletes Promoting Healthy Manhood On and Off the Field

·      Working with Athletes on College Campuses

·      Fatherhood and Filling the Gap of Fatherlessness

·      Co-Parenting in the Context of Healthy, Respectful Manhood

·      LIVERESPECT: Developing Healthy, Respectful Manhood in Middle/High School

·      Fraternities and the Role They Can Play in Promoting Healthy Manhood

·      Incarceration and Male Domination

·      The Next Generation of Manhood Ending the Cycle of Consequences

·      Men of Faith’s Responsibility in Ending Violence Against all Women and Girls

·      Promoting Gender Equality in Our Religious and Spiritual Institutions

·      Black Lives Matter Includes Black Women and Girls

·      Beyond the Gender Binary – the Intersections of Oppression

·      Addressing Male Domination in Whiteness and White Supremacy

·      Why we Need to Emphasize the Word ALL in Ending Violence Against ALL Women and Girls

·      Insights from Young Adult Activists

·      Artistic Expressions of Authenticity for Organizing and Healing

·      Men’s Work: Commercial Sexual Exploitation includes Pornography

·      Addressing Gang Violence and Preventing Violence Against ALL Women and Girls

·      Hope and Healing for Men

·      Corporate Culture and Manhood

·      Healthy Manhood Addressing the Challenges Facing Men of Color

·      The Impact of Technology on Manhood: An Exploration of Porn, Gaming and Social Media

·      Connection on Demand: How Dating Apps Prohibit Authenticity