Celebrate the Good Fellas In Your Life

A CALL TO MEN is proud to partner with J Crew to launch their “Good Fella” tee for Father's Day.  J.Crew is donating 10% of the purchase price of these tees to A CALL TO MEN. 

“The Good Fella t-shirt celebrates fathers, brothers, uncles, friends and mentors - all the men who invest in the lives of boys to create the next generation of manhood.” - Tony Porter, co-founder and CEO of A CALL TO MEN

J Crew created this limited-edition tee with prinkshop, an activist-minded brand with a “wear what you care about” point of view. 

“We are proud and honored to recognize the work of A CALL TO MEN with our Good Fella graphic campaign in collaboration with J Crew.  Our design was created to celebrate the men and boys who honor the safety and equality of women."  - Pamela Bell, founder of prinkshop

The campaign features A CALL TO MEN Co-Founders Tony Porter and Ted Bunch.  The boys and young men are the children of the A CALL TO MEN family, representing the Next Generation of Manhood.  

Promote healthy manhood this Father's Day by supporting A CALL TO MEN.  Your purchase ensures J.Crew donates 10% of the purchase price of each t-shirt sold to A CALL TO MEN.  


Innerchild Galleries Hosts Art Show Benefiting A CALL TO MEN

Innerchild Galleries presents: "Vividly Connected," a meticulously chosen range of inspirational collections that will elevate any space you envision.   Innerchild Galleries is vividly connected with each of our artists, supporting their vision and understanding their journey. Our diverse inventory of imagery will resonate and infuse a powerful combination of beauty and energy into any environment. By working closely with each artist, we find the perfect pieces for the right buyers.  We invite you to enjoy our boutique gallery of established artists as well as rising stars to connect with the picturesque stories and emotion portrayed in each piece.

Please join A CALL TO MEN at this special gallery debut, where 10% of the proceeds will be donated to the organization.   

Friday, June 29, 2018 from 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM EDT
The Mezzanine, 55 Broadway, New York, NY 10006


Be Certified to Teach the LIVE RESPECT Curriculum

A CALL TO MEN has launched a free online certification training for its LIVERESPECT Coaching Healthy, Respectful Manhood Curriculum.  The on-demand webinar series takes participants through A CALL TO MEN’s signature training on its curriculum for middle-school and high-school boys.  Typically conducted in person over the course of a school day, the online certification training can be completed in three sessions that average 35 minutes each at the convenience of the participant and includes a downloadable certificate upon completion.    

“Through the tremendous support of Harry’s, A CALL TO MEN is able to offer this resource to schools and youth programs at no cost to their organizations,” said Ted Bunch, co-founder of A CALL TO MEN and co-author of the curriculum and certification training.  “Harry’s commitment to promoting healthy manhood will help shatter gender stereotypes, prevent violence and discrimination, and allow boys to live healthier, happier lives.”

“We're a men's brand, so we think a lot about how we can help guys - through our products, and also more broadly in the world. To that end, we're incredibly excited to partner with A CALL TO MEN to make their LIVERESPECT curriculum widely available to teachers, coaches, mentors and other figures in young men's lives. We're honored to play a small part in giving the next generation of men the tools and training they need to live happy and healthy lives, while building stronger and more respectful communities in the process,” said Andy Katz-Mayfield, Co-Founder and CEO at Harry’s.  

The LIVERESPECT Curriculum promotes healthy, respectful manhood and healthy relationships; decreases language and actions that degrade women, girls and other marginalized groups; challenges harmful cultural and social norms; and decreases instances of dating violence, sexual assault, bullying and homophobia.  One of the most compelling data points that came from the curriculum pilot is around consent.  Pre-curriculum, only 19 percent of boys report knowing what consent means. Post-curriculum, that number increases to 75 percent.  The full pilot report can be downloaded HERE.

Both the curriculum and the online certification training were written by A CALL TO MEN in conjunction with Scholastic, and are based on A CALL TO MEN’s 20+ years of experience working with and training men and boys, from the National Football League, the National Basketball Association, Major League Baseball, Major League Soccer and National Hockey League, to the United States Military, the Department of Justice, the United Nations, and high schools, colleges and universities across the nation.   The curriculum is also free and available for download HERE.

Sign up for the online certification training HERE.  

Create a Workplace Culture of Respect, Equity and Value for All


  • Listen to women and validate their experiences
  • Challenge the harmful messages you have received about gender  


  • Talk about healthy, respectful manhood with other men and boys
  • Don’t conform to the pressure to always be in control – asking for help is not a sign of weakness


  • Do not use language that denigrates women and girls.
  • Be clear on why you care about these issues and what you want to do about it
  • Identify the areas of your life where you can influence men and boys, and culture


  • Speak out against all forms of violence and discrimination
  • Advocate for equal pay in your industry
  • Promote talented female and gender non-conforming leaders
  • Inclusion is important – be intentional about who is in the room and whose voices are heard
  • Model a healthy, respectful manhood to other men and boys
  • Support the work of A CALL TO MEN



Joyful Heart Foundation (JHF), in conjunction with A CALL TO MEN has released a new PSA campaign that highlights the importance of men's role in speaking up and supporting survivors of sexual assault, abuse and harassment. The spots were co-produced by Viacom Velocity; directed by JHF's founder and president, Mariska Hargitay; developed by creative director Rachel Howald from Invisible Man; edited by Jean Taylor at Wax; and will be distributed nationally by Boom Broadcast and Viacom.

What is the Man Box?

A CALL TO MEN uses the Man Box to illustrate the collective socialization of men. The Man Box identifies the limitations on what a man is supposed to be and what he believes. These expectations are taught to men – sometimes unconsciously – and reinforced by society. In the man box, men are supposed to be:

  • Powerful and dominating
  • Fearless and in control
  • Strong and emotionless
  • Successful – in the boardroom, the bedroom and on the ball field

In the Man Box, women are objects, the property of men, and of less value than men. The teachings of the Man Box allow violence against women, girls and other marginalized groups to persist.

Your Influence - Your Platform Men's Event

Header Graphic 09.25.17.png

Join leaders from business, politics, professional sports, media, human service organizations and advocacy groups who have committed to use their influence and platform to promote healthy, respectful manhood, and prevent violence and discrimination against women and girls. Attendees will learn:
• How the Man Box restricts men and prevents them from being their authentic selves
• To use their influence and platform to spur positive social change in their home, workplace and community
• How they can help prevent domestic violence, sexual assault, sexual harassment, sex trafficking and bullying

Your Influence – Your Platform is sponsored by Cigna, the New York Giants and the National Football League. The event is free to the first 300 registrants; breakfast is included.

September 29, 2017 8:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.
Hilton Newark Airport
1170 Spring Street, Elizabeth, NJ 07201


Questions? Contact Danielle Erwin at danielle@acalltomen.org

The Many Faces of Manhood - A CALL TO MEN's 2017 National Conference

A CALL TO MEN’s 2017 National Conference will explore the Many Faces of
Manhood. Through engaging keynotes, roundtable discussions and interactive
breakout sessions, attendees will learn how the collective socialization of men creates a
fertile ground for violence and discrimination against women and girls. Those same
notions of sexism and inequality hold men hostage to the rigid norms of manhood.

A CALL TO MEN will convene influential and passionate voices to examine healthy,
respectful manhood in athletics, education, incarceration, fatherhood, faith
communities and around issues of gender. As men are empowered to be their authentic
selves, we will collectively create a world where all men and boys are loving and
respectful and all women and girls are valued and safe.

The Many Faces of Manhood is generously sponsored by:

Confirmed speakers include (with additional speakers announced weekly):

WADE DAVIS - Senior Diversity & Inclusion Consultant, YSC

RUS FUNK - Co-Founder, North American Men Engage Network

BECKI MASAKI - Co-Founder, Asian Pacific Institute on Gender-Based Violence

NICOLE MATTHEWS- Executive Director, Minnesota Indian Women’s Sexual Assault Coalition

DR. BETH RICHIE - Professor of Criminology, Law and Justice and African American Studies, University of Illinois - Chicago


BYRON HURT - Activist, Lecturer, Writer, Award-Winning Documentary Filmmaker

EVA TENUTO - Executive Director & Co-Founder, TMI Project


NEIL IRVIN - Executive Director, Men Can Stop Rape

PHENG THAO - Founder & Director, ManForward MN & Men and Masculine Folks Network


TRINA GREENE BROWN - Move to End Violence

ED HEISLER - Executive Director, Men as Peacemakers

TREY GREENE - Co-Founder & Executive Director, Transcend Charlotte

JUAN RAMOS - Executive Director, Community Driven Solutions

SCHEHERAZADE TILLET - Executive Director, A Long Walk Home

TED BUNCH - Chief Development Officer, A CALL TO MEN

AFUA ADDO - Coordinator, Gender & Justice Initiatives, Center for Court Innovation

CHIMI BOYD-KEYES - Speaker, Trainer, Consultant

SUMAYYA COLEMAN - Share Time Wisely Consulting Services, African American, Black Women's Cultural Alliance

LENNY HAYES - Owner, Tate Topa Consulting

SAM SIMMONS - Samuel Simmons Consulting

VINCENT THOMAS - Professor of Dance, Towson University

KYLE "GUANTE" TRAN MYHRE - MC, Activist & Educator


SCOTT DAVIS - Organizer, Men for Tewa Women United (MTWU)

MICHAEL FRY - One World. One Rope & Jump LA

RICKIE HOUSTON - Prevention Specialist, Domestic Violence Shelter & Services Inc., and
Senior Pastor, Pilgrim Rest Missionary Baptist Church, Wilmington, NC

RAHK LASH - Assistant Director for Multicultural Affairs, Ithaca College

JEFF MATSUSHITA - Program Specialist, Idaho Coalition Against Sexual and Domestic Violence

DAVI MOZIE - Cornell Cooperative Extension & I-Jump, and LIVERESPECT Education Coordinator, A CALL TO MEN

ISAAC OCHIENG OYOO - Jump Rope Association of Kenya

AMON NYAUNDI OMWOYO - Jump Rope Association of Kenya 

JASON PAGE - Senior Director of National Programs, Men Can Stop Rape

SAANII HERNANDEZ - Vice President, Minnesota Women's Foundation

JAY TAYLOR - Clinician, Silver Hill Hospital

Areas of focus include: 

·      A CALL TO COACHES – Engaging Youth and Young Men Through Sports

·      Athletes Promoting Healthy Manhood On and Off the Field

·      Working with Athletes on College Campuses

·      Fatherhood and Filling the Gap of Fatherlessness

·      Co-Parenting in the Context of Healthy, Respectful Manhood

·      LIVERESPECT: Developing Healthy, Respectful Manhood in Middle/High School

·      Fraternities and the Role They Can Play in Promoting Healthy Manhood

·      Incarceration and Male Domination

·      The Next Generation of Manhood Ending the Cycle of Consequences

·      Men of Faith’s Responsibility in Ending Violence Against all Women and Girls

·      Promoting Gender Equality in Our Religious and Spiritual Institutions

·      Black Lives Matter Includes Black Women and Girls

·      Beyond the Gender Binary – the Intersections of Oppression

·      Addressing Male Domination in Whiteness and White Supremacy

·      Why we Need to Emphasize the Word ALL in Ending Violence Against ALL Women and Girls

·      Insights from Young Adult Activists

·      Artistic Expressions of Authenticity for Organizing and Healing

·      Men’s Work: Commercial Sexual Exploitation includes Pornography

·      Addressing Gang Violence and Preventing Violence Against ALL Women and Girls

·      Hope and Healing for Men

·      Corporate Culture and Manhood

·      Healthy Manhood Addressing the Challenges Facing Men of Color

·      The Impact of Technology on Manhood: An Exploration of Porn, Gaming and Social Media

·      Connection on Demand: How Dating Apps Prohibit Authenticity


  • Consolidated Youth Programs
  • Campus Programs
  • Tribal Coalition Programs
  • Tribal Government Programs