Community Forum: Equity at Work

IHL Webinar Graphic.png

A CALL TO MEN recently launched new online trainings, and we’ve been blown away by the response. So many of you have requested the demo and — we’re thrilled that there’s such strong interest and we’re accelerating the roll out of additional courses.

If you haven’t checked out the sexual harassment training module on our Institute of Higher Learning — take a look now. We have a free demo available for organizational leaders, and training packages start at $50 per employee.

We’re also getting lots of questions from folks — and hearing stories about how these approaches are working for our colleagues in a huge range of industries and organizational structures. In order to discuss some of these questions, approaches, and learnings in real time, we’ll be hosting a one-hour call on July 30th. We’ll present for 15-20 minutes on our approach to workplace culture, and we’ll answer your questions and facilitate a discussion. Please RSVP to join the call on Tuesday 7/30 from 3-4 p.m. ET.

Also, check out Tony Porter’s post on the 5 habits of an equitable workplace. We are learning a great deal from the folks sharing their stories in the comments and would love to hear what you think.