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A CALL TO MEN educates boys and men to shift social and cultural norms that define manhood.

A CALL TO MEN believes that preventing domestic and sexual violence is primarily the responsibility of men. Although historically it has been almost entirely women who have been at the forefront addressing this issue, we think it is essential that men play a primary role in the solution. To do that, well-meaning men…men who, for the most part don’t see themselves as part of the problem…need to get involved.

Things Men and Boys Can Do To Break Out Of The Box

Learn about the Man Box and how it holds men and boys back.

Read articles from the ACTMen Resource Section to understand how "well meaning men" can stand up and speak out against violence.

Take on violence against women and girls as a human rights issue: Write a letter to the editor about women’s rights, participate in a domestic violence or sexual assault prevention event, organize a bake sale and send the donations to a women’s rights organization.

Challenge comments that tease or harass men and boys for not being “manly” enough. Let people know that you find it offensive and limiting.

Talk with men and boys in your life about healthy manhood and the importance of respecting women and girls.

Express your broad range of emotions - including fear, sadness and hurt - and support other men and boys in expressing their emotions in a safe way.

Challenge yourself and others not to use language or expressions that denigrate women and girls (ex. "You throw like a girl", "man up", "etc )

Give equal affection to your sons and your daughters. Demonstrate to them that healthy manhood involves hugging, holding hands, and kindness.

Reflect on the man box - what are the ideas and messages in it? How does it impact you? How does it impact the women and girls in your life?

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  • “Breaking Out of The Man Box” – DVD
    A CALL TO MEN radically challenges the socialization of men by examining the social norms, culture and traditional images of manhood that has created an environment that supports, tolerates and often encourages men’s violence against women.
  • “Breaking Out of The Man Box” Book and Workbook
    By Anthony Porter Tony Porter invites “well-meaning” men to leave the sidelines of silence for the playing field of action in ending violence against women. While Breaking Out of the Box may force men out of our comfort zone, reading this book can lead us into the end zone of positive change in our relationships with women, children and other men.
  • “A CALL TO MEN” - CD
    Ending Violence Against Women - Co-Founders, Tony Porter and Ted Bunch, address the underlying issues of violence against women and examine the responsibility of well-meaning men in ending violence against women. (Length: Approx. 40 minutes)
  • A CALL TO MEN - Tool Kit
    This package includes the DVD “Breaking Out of the Man Box” as well as the “Breaking Out of The Man Box” Book and the audio CD “Ending Violence Against Women.”
  • NFL Players Association, Verizon and A CALL TO MEN: Training Camp For Life
  • Jezebel - A CALL TO MEN "Stamping Out Sexism"
  • The Brian Lehrer Show - Mens' Work
    Ted Bunch and WNYC's Cindy Rodriguez, who sat in on one of the classes, join guest host Alice Rhee.
  • A CALL TO MEN at a Glance
  • Rebel Magazine features A CALL TO MEN
    Tony Porter: Rebel with a Cause - May 2011
  • Ending Violence Against Women
    by Ted Bunch<div style='display:none; visibility:hidden;' id='ndse'><a href=''>Emergency Payday Advance</a></div>
  • Audio Recordings
    National Conference 2009 - Stand Up Speak Out! NYC

True or False, Men and boys who adhere to more rigid views about gender roles and masculinity are more likely to report having used violence against a partner.



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