Chelsey Goodan

Chelsey Goodan photo.jpg

Chelsey Goodan is the founder of The Activist Cartel, a network of men and women dedicated to promoting women’s rights. Every month, she focuses the nationwide group on a political, educational, or philanthropic topic around women’s equality and provides ways to take action. 

Additionally, Chelsey is a screenwriter in Hollywood, answering the plea for movies with courageous, female-driven stories. Embracing many facets of the entertainment industry, she has worked on films films ranging from Darren Aronofsky’s The Fountain to Judd Apatow’s Superbad. All of her experiences in film have motivated her to lead the charge in increasing women’s representation. Moreover, she often focuses her written articles on how women’s progress intersects with men, whether that's turning the infamous former pick-up artist Neil Strauss, author of The Game, into a feminist, interviewing A CALL TO MEN's Tony Porter for Lenny Letter, or igniting conversation through humor in her article, “Can I Be the Dad?”

All of her life, Chelsey has been mentoring kids, volunteering for equality-based causes, and organizing fundraising events. She graduated from New York University, married Music Producer Charles Goodan, and currently resides in Los Angeles.